Avoid 4 Costly Roofing Mistakes

Mar 17, 2023Blog

Four Costly Roofing Mistakes and Buying Tips

With all this rain we’ve had here in Fresno and Clovis some homeowners have experienced leaks in the roofs, and stains in their ceilings. As spring rolls around, many will be seeking contractos to intall a new roof. If it’s time for you to get a new roof, you may relax by knowing that roofing materials have come along way with technology helping to make them more durable and eco friendly than ever before. They can add insulation to your home, and reduce the costs of controlling the climate in your house. New roof shingles add value and curb appeal as well. A roof generally ads 60% of its cost to the value of your home. That’s all great, but there are also things about roofs that most of us just don’t spend too much time thinking about. Unfortunately, that can cause a lot of variance and discrepancies between what people want and what people get. To get you started, consider the following roofing tips to ponder before you begin your next buying experience.

High Interest Financing is a Costly Roofing Mistake

Affectionately known as promotions, financing is a great way to fund projects for your home. Historically, homeowners would get home equity loans from the bank to fund renovations and repairs. Now, lending is a much easier landscape, and their isn’t as much red tape involved. Some lending services don’t require a credit check, and while most only require a soft check against your credit score, a homeowner can be approved in minutes, on site, for their new roof. Today’s financing options include deferred payments or deferred interest or both, and/or low payments. Of course no two lending platforms have the same requirements, and interest rates have increased over the last year. So, some short term loans can have very high interest rates including rates above 8%.

Excessively Long Guarantees and Warranties

Our five star guarantee service should mean something, and we stand behind it 100 percent. What is difficult to stand behind, is overpromised warranties and impossible guarantees. Lifetime and fifty-year sound great, but truth is your roof won’t last that long. The average life span of a composition roof is about twenty years. So, don’t allow a pushy sales person convince you into buying a roof solely based on the warranty. Most likely, the contractor should simply include an extended warranty simply because of the materials that were used. For instance, GAF requires that their system be installed to receive their fifty year warranty.

Materials Matter

There has been a lot of rain, and it’s been a wet beginning to 2023. Specifically, we’ve had a bunch of rain in the valley, but that doesn’t need to be a reason to run out and upgrade your new roof to storm grade quality. Homes in Fresno endure extreme conditions from cold to hot, and our homes see a lot of sunlight, but they don’t traditionally see too much hurricane level storm action. So, buy the right materials for your project, and be sure to explore your options. The manufacturers have come a long way in durability, reliability and green production.

Trust and Reliability

There are some basics that every contractor in California must have like a license, workers compensation policy, and a bond. However, it doesn’t mean that every contractor is a great business owner, and that they will be here 10 years from now to support their warranty and guarantee. Roofs can be relatively simple, but their components must work together to keep the inside of the house dry. It’s important that you are able to trust the workers that are installing your roof, and we’re working on being better servants to the community, delivering raving five star experiences, and prompt, reliable, service.

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